How to get the greatest possible benefit from your company data in the digital transformation...

Factory 4.0, digital transformation, disruption management, etc. Many terms are buzzing through the media and yet only want to say one thing: Companies that want to continue to be successful in the future have to face digital change and use their company data cleverly.

To react faster, to plan better, to avoid mistakes, to recognize opportunities and risks, to optimize processes, to become leaner, more robust and more efficient, to stay ahead of the competition.

For over 25 years, intellivate has been helping to set up the necessary processes with smart IT software, analysis and consulting to set up companies so that data becomes business and the digital transformation bears fruit as quickly as possible.

Product lifecycle management (PLM) and business process management (BPM) work as a well-coordinated tandem that offer outstanding digitization effects that generate new, urgent added value for companies: data and processes become an economic asset!

intellivate turns data into business.

(Deutsch) Landmaschinenhersteller setzt auf automatische Stammdatenprüfung

(Deutsch) Beim Landmaschinenhersteller HORSCH im oberpfälzischen Schwandorf sind qualitativ hochwertige Stammdaten Voraussetzung für die zunehmende Digitalisierung industrieller Produktionsprozesse sowie sich daraus ergebende, neue Geschäftsmodelle und Services. Zur Sicherstellung dieser Qualitätsansprüche ist man mit der Idee, die Stammdatenprüfung zu automatisieren, völlig neue Wege gegangen.

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Transmission manufacturer automates variant management

The gear manufacturer Neugart offers 18 different series of planetary gears with four million technically possible variants. Despite this diversity, the manufacturer is able to deliver its products within 24 hours. Neugart has completely automated the high expenditure for construction and data management through a rule-based variant management.

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(Deutsch) Digitalisierung im Verlagswesen

(Deutsch) Die Optimierung betriebsinterner Prozesse gehört schon seit längerem zur zukunftsorientierten Ausrichtung der Verlagstöchter Rowohlt und S.Fischer, der Holzbrinck Publishing Group. Doch beide Unternehmen sind aktuell ganz neue Wege gegangen.

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We can no longer do without simulation

The Department of Computer Science at the University of Hamburg has developed a simulation tool in cooperation with the provider intellivate. This allows simulations to be created more easily and a wide variety of alternative calculations and process optimizations to be implemented without programming.

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