Product Lifecycle Management

Basis of the digital factory according to Industry 4.0

IYOPRO PLM acts as a platform on which all master data over the product life cycle - from creation to use and decommissioning to disposal - can be mapped and interwoven.

Parts management

Illustration of the virtual productMapping of colors, materials and surfaces in object classesPart classification, multiple classificationProduct structures, product structure views (construction view, assembly view)Rule-based variant managementLink to document management

Document management

Administration of all types of documents regardless of the respective authoring systemStorage of various file formats of a document in a master recordVersioning / revisioning independent of assigned partsDocument classification, multiple classificationPowerful authorization system via electronic safes to protect confidential documentsInterfaces to all common CAD systems

Change management

Life cycle management, approval and revisionApproval phase, approval status and location-based usage phaseRelease level for the quality of the releaseAmendment ECRChange order ECOSeamless integration into workflow management

Powerful parts management

With the parts master record (TSS), IYOPRO PLM offers an extraordinarily powerful parts management system that can virtually and clearly map the product with all its parts and conditions in its entirety. This saves time, material and costs significantly.

Smart document management

The intelligent management and provision of electronic documents, CAD models and drawings as well as their highly variable interconnection make document management a central application in the product creation process. Despite the variety of details and versions, the correct assignment is ensured at all times.

Consistent change management

IYOPRO uses the life cycle attributes for a consistent description of product data and revisions. They are used to clearly describe the status of a product revision. Transparency and consistency guarantee maximum data reliability and traceability.