Business Process Management

Increase process satisfaction comprehensively and flexibly

Our holistic approach to managing business processes takes into account the interaction of the four most important factors: people, methods, processes and IT systems. Because we don't see BPM as a straitjacket, but as a multifunctional tool.

Model and document

Collaboration, choreography and conversation diagrams according to BPMN 2.0Any structuring using process maps, main and sub-processesReal time validation and animationVariant and version managementPublication via approval workflows into the process portalExport and import of BPMN 2.0 models

Automate and run as a workflow

Individual design of workflow formsNotification of those involved in the process by emailSubstitute managementPython and .Net integration for script tasksProcess monitor of active process instancesWorkflow versioning, development and release versions

Simulate and analyze

Process analysis with regard to resources, costs, timeSimultaneous simulation of different products in the same process modelProcess cost accountingScientifically founded stochastic distribution curvesSpecification of the stochastic start value for the comparison of simulation experimentsReporting and Sankey visualization of the simulation results
▲ Example graphic for a process-oriented company

Model and document business processes

The optimization of business processes is essential when it comes to running a company effectively. Internal and external processes are so comprehensively documented and modeled that they achieve the greatest possible effects - organizationally and financially.

Simulate and analyze business processes

What if? Can it be better, faster, easier? Can we save costs and minimize risks if we change parameters, leave something out or add something? How can we identify new opportunities in good time? Simulation and analysis provide answers.

Automate and execute business processes

Only those who consistently automate processes without sacrificing flexibility can keep up and advance in these dynamic digital times. A step that bears many fruits: speed, transparency, security through standardization and much more.