Business Process Management

Model, simulate, automate.

Whatever your entry into the BPM world looks like: operationally, through the modeling of your business processes, or strategically, through the definition of goals and a maturity level determination. We offer you individual advice and training for "your BPM".

Our Services

Strategically, analytically, operationally.

Intelligent BPM and PLM software plus expert advice from a single source. Operational and strategic. So that your processes learn to think and create added value.

Operational BPM (modeling)Moderation when starting business processesAnalysis of existing business processes (actual)Optimization of existing business processes (target)Documentation of business processesQuality assurance of process documentationAnalysis of the BPM in your company (EDEN maturity model)Training and coaching of BPM methodology and notation (BPMN 2.0)Coaching for the integration of QM manuals, procedural instructions and checklists in your BPM documentationHelp with structuring BPI projectsDevelopment of a process-oriented company organizationSet strategies and goals

Process Automation

From concept to implementation

With IYOPRO you combine the steps of the modeled business processes with employees and application programs to create a value-adding workflow. You create user interactions (forms) and simply integrate message systems (e-mail, chat, broadcasts) without changing media and without in-depth technical know-how. We show what is important and how to do it:

Requirements analysis based on your processesDiscover the optimization potential of your processes through workflowsTraining and coaching of workflow-specific modeling requirementsImplementation of your requirements - from the modeling to the finished workflow

Process Simulation

Analysis, evaluation and optimization of your processes

With the discrete event process simulation in IYOPRO, you can analyze your processes and resources with regard to process runtime, costs, utilization and efficiency. This is how you exploit potential to increase efficiency. We support you in all facets of applied process simulation:

Use and application of discrete event simulation experimentsSupport in using the IYOPRO simulation componentTraining and coaching of simulation-specific modeling requirementsDetermination of optimization potential in process simulationDetermination and analysis of process costs through simulation